If you are young, vibrant, energetic, good looking and love a good cup of coffee, contact us to discuss your career path with us.

Career life, general and unit trust agents, finance professionals and brokers are welcome.

Capspring Temasik Financial Group (CTFG) is a licensed financial advisory firm. We deal with both corporate and individual clients using a wide array of both conventional and takaful insurance and investment instruments.

You own your clients
Freedom to Charge
Performance Driven
No Walls, Zero Silos Open Architecture
Top Life Insurance Companies
We provide you the freedom to operate, the freedom to bring your clients with you should you leave. We provide you the freedom to charge investment fee/trailers fees/upfront fees. The better you perform, the better you are paid – In short, best paid. To find out more about how we are the best paid, contact us You have full access to senior management who are open to share, highly involved, regardless where you are from We have some of the world’s largest, most established, long standing partners.
Top General Insurance Companies
2 Investment Platforms
More than 400 Unit Trust Funds and growing
Unique International Life and Investment Plans
Major Local Bank Loan Tie-ups
20 of the industry’s best general insurers for the most demanding end-clients. Here, you will be spoilt for choice. Immediate access to top funds from all around the world! Access to products previously only available to the high net worth clients.. Access to the tie-ups as they are only a phone call away.
Fortnightly Investment Breakfast Talk
In-house Product Specialist Team
Non-Wrap Unit Trust Platform
Wrap Unit Trust Platform
General Insurance Submission  Support
The latest events as they unfold, and how they will impact you and your end clients. We analyse every category of products to provide you with recommendations in each category. For clients who prefer uncomplicated simple transaction based investments. Investment Platforms for hassle-free investment planning. Dedicated staff for processing of General Insurance (personal lines).
Exclusive Partnerships with related services
Hedge Funds
Advanced Designations for Consultants
Personal Professional indemnity Insurance of up to RM500k
Capspring Dedicated Intranet Portal for Policy/Client Search
Access to partnerships that are exclusive to provide you with the competitive edge. You will have access to some of the most popular hedge funds in the world. Premier, Senior and Executive Advisers designations for the compliant and productive consultants. A must-have for true professionals. Locate your clients’ details with a click of your mouse as and when you need them.
Scanned Soft Copies of All Full Submissions
Commissions/ Fees Payment
Easy Access via Dedicated Portal
Marketing Support Initiatives™
Exclusive Campaigns and Offers
No need for paper, photocopying and unnecessary wastage. Everything in soft copy to you. We directly debit to your bank account, with detailed statements. Online access to production figures and updated training hours for easy tracking. Client events (organized events with value adding consultants’ end-clients in mind). Special tie ups events for your end-clients. Campaigns and promotional offers exclusively for you to appreciate your clients and for you to expand your clientele base.
Foundation Training Program – FTP
To-Dos and Check lists
FoundationTraining Program™ II (specially designed for in-industry consultant)
Weekly Company Training – MCT
Personal Development
2-day intensive induction program focused on the new consultant up and ready in a career in advisory. Do not miss out important details in your transition. Get in-industry candidates ready to kick start your career in finexis within a week. Solid weekly all around training and development of more than 50 hours a year (reconfirm the figures)! Training programmes are provided to ensure the personal growth of self.