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Financial Advisers

Most asked questions answered!

Insurance agents / takaful are those who represent a particular insurance company to exclusively promote their products and are registered under LIAM / MTA, while an approved Financial Advisor Representatives is registered with BNM and presents to clients the right plans that meet the client's specific needs.
There has never been any issue being an agent. But times are changing, don't you agree? Your clients need choices. Competition has gone up. What should your client buys from you when you can only offer limited products? If you prefer choices, your clients do, too. You will need to grow as a professional and not merely agent for the rest of your life. The market segmentation is changing. Are you changing with the times or are you stagnanting where you are?
There are at least 9 main challenges you faces almost daily ie your fellow agency agents, other company agents, bancassurance, direct marketing, online sales that operates 24/7, non competitive products as more better products comes into the market, ensuring Balanced Scorecards KPIs are met, regulatory industry changes and finally the Financial Advisers!
Imagine how does one grow when one is static in one position for a number of years for reasons of nothing else to learn? You can managed your learning on which sales channel interest you most or which insurer or which one you think the market likes the most. Or you can stay where you are and not learn new things. The choice is yours.
CTFG is a Financial Advisory (FA) company that focuses in the fields of takaful and insurance. Along the diversity of our business partners, it provides the best product selection for your customers and they will obviously be delighted with what you can offer to them, independently. Check out what we do in 'Our Services'!
You must passed either one of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Islamic Financial Planner (IFP), Registered Fianncial Planner (RFP) or Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP), where exams are conducted by Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) & Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC). Alternatively, you can also qualify by passing certain modules of the above exams.
Your direct commission will be continued to be paid but not any overriding or any particular company fringe benefits, if any.
Yes, of course. All FARs are bound by RM20,000 MOC annually as well as 20 CPD points as set by BNM and any FARs that doesn't meet the criteria will be terminated.
Different insurers have different standards. Of course, you will no longer be using agent access, however you can still service your client's using the respective insurer's client portal login.
All set? If unsure, you can still email to us enquiries@capspring.com.my on any particular question or whatsapps us at 012-3859569, you will be attended to.

Otherwise, you are all set to become a FAR. Apply now!