You can now invite your friends and family to sign up for any insurance protection with us, help your friend and family member stay safe with protection and coverage, while you earn a *12 % referral fee !

You can rest assure that we can offer choices that best fit anyone, both conventional and Takaful.

How #JomCapspring Referral works



You invite a friend who needs an insurance plan with our simple introduction script.



Your friend successfully sign up a protection plan that suits him/her the most



You'll earn a *12% referral fee of the monthly premium paid, payable monthly as long as premum is paid up to 12 months!

* To refer to FAQ for a more detailed explanation.

Benefits of #JomCapspring Referral Program


No exams, no commitment required!

All you need to do is just invite your friends and family, the rest we will take care of it.


No experience, no worries!

We will provide a simple script for you.


Earn a passive income!

Sit back and earn a passive referral fees on every successfully signed up customer.

Why become a #JomCapspring referral ?

Simple straight forward application

  • No need to submit physical form
  • Full electronic process
  • Direct bank in

Optional product that suits everyone

  • Flexible and affordable premium
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Not just one product, we offer multiple choices

Flexible working schedule

  • Achieve work - life balance
  • Can refer anytime 24/7
  • Have ability to earn while meeting friends

Come join us, just fill up the details below!