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Senior Management Team

Terry Yee Chee Ho

CEO of Capspring Temasik Financial Group and serves on its Board of Directors.

Prior to setting up Capspring in 2012, Terry Yee has been with Prudential Malaysia since 2004 as a premier wealth planner, executing personal financial plans for individuals. He has served in several senior positions in SAAG Berhad, an oil and gas outfit and Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas), the nations’s premier rice company, responsible for managing the financial position for both companies. Terry Yee was also previously an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He can be contacted at terry@capspring.com.my or 012-3859118.

Always on the go, Terry is basically an optimist and consistently challenge the industry norm and pushes technology to propel the firm to greater heights. That aside, he hopes one day, Emirates Stadium will witness the emergence of the Champions League Trophy on its ground.


Angie Teh Aun Chee

Angie Teh joined the senior management team in early 2013. She has been instrumental in ensuring the back end operations runs smoothly and also taken various other roles such as admin, communications as well as leading her own team of advisers.

Previously, she was a graphic and multimedia graduate and has been with Prudential since 2008. Her sweet demeanour has endeared her to many good and long term clients and moved her up beyond the glass ceiling that many agents encounters.

Angie believes that her toddler daughter would be a famous nutritionist one day as long as she takes her meals without fuss within 2 hours each time.


Mohd Amin Bin Maktar

Based in Kota Bharu, Amin has taken up the role as Head of East Cost since 2015 and has been consistently conducting various insurance classes internally as well as for the public.

He has been with Prudential since 2006 and prior to that, was a business lecturer as well as a well known chef specialising in Thai dishes. His specialty is the delicious mango rice with a dash of zingy mint for taste beyond this world.

Although afraid of air turbulences during flight, Amin believes turbulences in the financial sector will eventually bring about greater efficiency, transparency and better rewards to those who are prepared. He is also well prepared with a sampan in case Kota Bharu gets flooded during monsoon time.


Tan Kuan Hui

Kuan Hui was the Head of Training in 2017 and has assumed the position of Head of Sales in 2019. He presently spearheads the sales development and leads the sales team to secure new deals and explore targeted market segment.
On top of that, he also guides the team leaders towards sales efficiencies and consistency.

An industry veteran since 2004 where he first joined Prudential, he was a Chartered Secretary for various firms.

Kuan Hui believes one can move mountain as long as there's a strong belief, that is until his kids gets in the way and they will then move the trees, the streams, the animals along with his beloved car elsewhere. But they will never be able move his fatherly love for them. (the kids, not the car)


Michelle Tong Sau Peng

Michelle Tong joined us in early 2019 as Head of Training. She is instrumental informulating the right training to meet the essential training needs for everyone, on site and off site.

Formerly from Prudential, she brings with her more than 10 years of industry experience on top of her previous executive role in the fashion and beverages industry.

Always on the run, she adores her family life and loves to go to the hilltop for a breather of fresh air to escape the hustle life of the city and from her scores of suitors.