Personal Financial Advisory

Life Protection

Life is anything but predictable. Leave a legacy or protect your income. Give yourself and your loved ones the comfort of knowing what comes may, they life will go on when you are long gone.

Medical Protection

Getting yourself and your family the right medical protection is crucial to prevent a potential meltdown. With ever increasing medical inflation, it's crucial to have options.

Critical Illness Protection

From early to advanced stages. Find a plan that covers you at any point. An essential coverage plan that will protect you against 36 major critical illnesses, effectively gives you peace of mind.

Female Protection

Behind everyone successful man, there's an equally successful woman. Protect that woman in you by getting the right female coverage, whether you are single or married.

Savings & Investments

Disciplined saving helps plan your finances - whether it is to retire in Ipoh, purchase a new home in Kinrara or fulfill your child's education needs in London.


An alternative source of income to supplement a drop in your salary. That’s where pension savings come in. Although you are saving with a long time horizon, the same principles of saving apply. The early you start the easier it becomes and the bigger your nest egg.

Retirement Planning

What are you doing to ensure the sustainability and longevity of your retirement funds? Close to 90% of Malaysian workers worry about not having enough for retirement. Are you going to be part of statistics?

Education Planning

What would you do and how much would you need to give your child the education he or she deserves? Whether it's locally or abroad, plan ahead for your child's education with multiple saving options.